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Allow for waste: With any renovation there is a small percentage of waste for hardwood as well as tile installation. A good figure to count on for waste is 10 - 15% for tile. Allow 5-10% for hardwood.


Have required items prior to the start of project: There are many items which need to be picked and/or ordered by the customer before we can begin your renovation.  Be sure all items, such as tile, grout, vanity, toilet, fixtures are on site. We can arrange pick up of large bulky items for you. 

Product Review: When possible check your products to be sure there are not any manufacturer defects, or missing components.

Supplier Discounts:  Most suppliers offer discounts to Contractors and Designers, speak to us with regards to this as we pass our industry discounts to our customers.

We do our very best to minimize dust during our projects, we cannot prevent it but there are measures we take in order to minimize this issue such as shutting down your furnace briefly during demolition and taping off all rooms adjacent to renovation, we protect your space as best we can.

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